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Latest DUSTOFF News

If it's been a couple of weeks since your last visit to our site, you may want to visit our Old New Page and get caught up on what you may have missed.

Association Elects New Officers At Reunion

This year's reunion is in the history books and the Association elected new offers and members at lodge at the business meeting held 12 Apr 14. You may see how to correspond with them, as well as all the past Association officers by visiting the Officers and Board Members page. The new officers for this year are:

President: Jon Fristoe
Executive Director: Dan Gower
Vice President: Brian Almquist
Treasurer: Dan Gower
Secretary: Dustin Elder

Members at Large:
Ben Knisely
Hank Tuell
Rand Shotton
Rob Howe
Joe Neve

KLRN Hosts Hall Of Fame Members

Julie Coan, COO of KLRN hosted an informal reception allowing DUSTOFF Hall of Fame members, and those who are featured in the documentary “When I Have Your Wounded – the DUSTOFF Legacy”, to mix and mingle with those who supported KLRN with a large donation during the fund raising airing of  documentary last month.

Association Membership Now Searchable

DUSTOFF Association members may now access information about other Association members. Information about members is ONLY available to current members of the DUSTOFF Association.

Before you may verify your information or search for other members you must register online at our Web site and obtain a user name and password. Once you've created a user name and password you will have the opportunity to make your information non-searchable (Opt-out) or search for members by name, state, or unit.

Being able to search by state or unit allows you to find members in your area or find members previously assigned to the same unit as you making it easier to visit members that are friends or set up mini-reunions.

Remember, this information is only available to Association members and you may opt-out at any time after you've registered.

AAAA Scholarship Application Deadline

Please remember that membership in the DUSTOFF Association is required as well as membership in Army Aviation Association. For additional information, please visit our DUSTOFF Scholarship Award page.

Welcome Home, Mountain DUSTOFF

Dan Gower and CW2 John Botto

Braving the “arctic vortex” our Executive Director, Dan Gower, was finally able to complete his mission of visiting and welcoming home C/3-10 Mountain DUSTOFF in the “frozen tundra” of Fort Drum, NY. Thwarted on three previous trips due to circumstances beyond our control, this trip was one of great joy to welcome home the great DUSTOFF Warriors of Mountain DUSTOFF. At the welcome home party thrown by their company commander, MAJ Chris Logan, Dan was able to honor the FRG Leaders (Three of the five were in attendance), two “Difference Makers” and to shake every hand with a DUSTOFF Association Coin. CW2 Chad Carvalho and SGT Joshua George were given Mike Novosel Hall of Fame Coins for their excellent work that enabled the deployment to be successful. Dan was also able to meet CW2 John Botto who penned a very nice “blog” entitled Medevac Cavemen based upon his initial tour in a DUSTOFF unit. John has other deployment experience but this was his first as a DUSTOFFer. It was a fun evening at Maggie’s on the River in Watertown, NY. Welcome Home, Mountain DUSTOFF. [See their homecoming video and lots more.]

1SG Derek Kubacki - Dan - MAJ Chris Logan

CW2 Chad Carvalho and SGT Joshua George

Katrinna George - Claudia Kubacki - Kalinn Prouty
FRG Leaders

FLATIRON Air Ambulance/Crash-Rescue Reunion

Attention ALL former or current: pilots, firefighters, medics, crash guards and maintenance personnel. The 2nd Bi-Annual FLATIRON reunion will be held 25-27 April 2014 at Ft. Rucker, AL.

Warren R. Blake
P.O. Box 67
North Conway, NH 03869

Gene A. Bess
447 Marshall Drive
Saint Robert, MO 65584

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