Scrapbook 1

TRIO1.jpg - 6.36 K
WO1 Jeff (Pasadena) Gardner (L)
WO1 Greg (Simp) Simpson (C)
1LT (Huey) Huether (R)
DEROS Day 1971

Goldsmith Tanning - 5.72 K
1LT Goldsmith, Mace Fire Base, 1971 Working On The DEROS Tan

SSG Carter - 8.44 K
SSG Carter 57th Med. Det. 1964
From Bruce Zenk Collection

Cpt Brady - 6.88 K
CPT Pat Brady 57th Med. Det. 1964
From Bruce Zenk Collection

dave.jpg 3 K
David Freeman
57th Med. 1971

pienta.jpg 10K
Thomas Pienta at Fort Walters

CW2 Robert Hill (R) & brother Bruce 237th Med. Det. Quang Tri 1970
Paddy Control 8 K
Paddy Control
Meg Ryan - Courage Under Fire 5 K
Meg Ryan - our big screen DUSTOFF pilot
simmons.jpg 4.87 K
MAJ Si Simmons pinning CW2 rank on Mike 82nd Med. Det. Navy Binh Thuy 8/25/69
Submitted by Mike Hilliard
Hank Tuell (Okie)
Hank Tuell (Okie), Cambodia, 1970
flowers.jpg 5.47 K
'Doc' Flowers Flight Medic,
Phouc Vinh, 1970
57thguys.jpg - 6655 Bytes
Submitted by Douglas R. Fonnesbeck
stovall.jpg - 6181 Bytes
Bill Stovall 15 Med Bn
Submitted by Bill Stovall
Van498th.jpg - 13608 Bytes
Submitted by James Van Doren
Ron Wells.jpg - 25943 Bytes
DUSTOFF 33 (45th) Ron Wells, 1971
Submitted by Crazy Horse
crazyhorse.jpg - 22056 Bytes
Crazy Horse Koss, 1971
Submitted by Crazy Horse
holcombe1.jpg - 16090 Bytes
Ron Holcombe, 247th DUSTOFF 69-70
Submitted by Ron Holcombe
holcombe2.jpg - 21059 Bytes
Ron Holcombe (F), Jim Lieble (L), Johnson (R) Taken by JJ Murphy and submitted by Ron Holcombe
lacyhelo.jpg - 19911 Bytes
CPT Skip Champion(A/C), Peter P" 1LT Tom Lacey, Crew Chief John Shabanishof, Medic John Koss. Third up at Long Bien.
card.jpg - 22532 Bytes
koss.jpg - 16137 Bytes
Photo of John J. Koss and aircraft
Alive and Kicking after mission into Cambodia: code name Alabama, 1971.
hall-koss1.jpg - 20529 Bytes
Tom Hall (Magnet Ass) and John Koss
hall-koss2.jpg - 29599 Bytes
Tom Hall at 45th Reunion
640.jpg - 31372 Bytes
Rescue of SPC "Buddy" Jarrell
after crash of UH-1 640 on mountain in La Paz, Honduras, May 1991
ksacrew.jpg (31387 bytes)
57th Med. FST Members
Blundell.jpg (157330 bytes)
SP4 Jack Blundell
MANKOFF.jpg (244684 bytes)
Jeff Mankoff when he was First Sergeant of 45th Med. Co. (AA) in Saudi Arabia.
Submitted by Michael Davila
MIKE&BOB.jpg (243945 bytes)
Michael Davila and Bob Hesketh
in Desert Storm.
82ndmedmedal.jpg (845125 bytes)
82nd at Soc Trang Vietnam receiving award from the Army of Vietnam