2012 Reunion Photos

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If you'd like to have your reunion photos included, send them to photos@dustoff.org . Please label who the folks are in the photo and from what year reunion they are.

The Zenks - Alexa and Pat

Ron and Lillian Wilson

Ed Bradshaw and the Fletchers

Tom and Erin Fletcher

Johnny and Susan West

Tom Scofield and Carol Osborn

Ben and Adam

Ben Knisely and Priscilla

Kevin and Whitney

Hanrahans and Dan Gower

Dan Gower surprised on his 64th B'day

I AM the queen bee! Do NOT mess with me!

Hank and Linda Tuell

Ed Bradshaw and Erin Fletcher

Bob (Suzie Gower's Brother) and Pam Rock

Dan and Bob/Pam Rock (Outlaws)

Karen "Hugs" Hill and Tom Schofield

Karen "Hugs" Hill and Pat Zenk

Hugs and our waiter

Call the Fire Marshal

Alexa Zenk and Dan Gower

Dan Gower wants another margarita!!!!!

Oh come on Tommy - I ain't buying it.

Bob and Claire Barrett

Over the lips, past the gums....

BG Foust counseling COL Flory???

Tom Lickness, Ben Knisely, Merle Snyder and Tom Scofield

Nancy Temperilli

Pat McWilliam

Carol Osborn, Billy Ray, Vince

Gretchen puts Tom Fletcher to sleep while D3 smiles in amazement!

Merle and Diane with Virginia Colbert

War Stories on the porch

Hugs and her two Marine buddies

Ben and Hugs doing Jello Shots

Kevin and Whitney Hanrahan - what a great Marine and Wife

Carol Osborn and Jerry Foust

Karen "Hugs" Hill and Pat/Cheryl Fries

Scooter Drennon with Hugs

Melissa Conkright, Tom Fletcher, Ed Ayson, Erin Fletcher, Don Conkright

Kevin's Marine Buddies showed up - fire team formed, take over initiated

Frank Heffernan and Bonnie Hall

The Brinks

Ed Bradshaw, Virginia Colbert, Bob Mitchell

Pat Fries is awarded The Knight of the Order of St. Michael

Cheryl Fries is awarded the Yellow Rose of Texas

Ed McDonnell David Hodin

Pam Hook Margie and Jimmy Johnson

Al Flory Pat McWilliam Jeanette Aurich

Don Good Wayne Aurich Pat McWilliam

Jack Blulndell and James McDaniel

Maria and Chuck Schenck Don Good

Cindy Romines Steve Hook Pam Hook

Wanda Lowder Roz Foust Jerry Foust Steve and Dave Hall Hooks

Al Flory Don Goody Steve Hook James McDaniel Steve Hall Gary Lowder Wayne Aurich Jimmy Johnson

Rescue of the Year crew with Dan Stewart

SGT Aaron Halcomb

SPC Tom Burns

Ernest Desmaris with Gary and Wanda Lowder

James and Linda McDaniel Milton and Donna Driggers

COL Tom Scofield speaks after induction to Hall of Fame

Gentle Ben Knisely speaks after induction to Hall of Fame

CW4 Scott Forbes, DUSTOFF Aviator of the Year

Joe Mudd, EADS North America with CW4 and Mrs. Scott Forbes

SGT Aaron Halcomb, DUSTOFF Medic of the Year

Jim Wingate, AirMethods, presents SGT Halcomb his trophy

SPC Tom Burns - DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year

Christine Hawk, Breeze-Eastern, presents SPC Tom Burns his trophy

SPC Tom and Jennifer Burns

Dan Stewart, Sikorsky, awards Rescue of the Year Crew minus SSG Robert Tarrants

C-1-214th Command Team - MAJ Pat and Alexa Zenk